Catamaran Sailing Techniques

A new instructional 8-part series, brought to you by Yachting World Magazine and Pantaenius.

Famed multihull designer Nigel Irens, offers his advice on the different aspects of handling and cruising a catamaran.

Episode One: How to leave the dock safely

In this first episode, multihull expert Nigel Irens explains how to get off the dock with the minimum of fuss.

Episode Two: Coming alongside

In this episode we learn how to tame the vessel for close-quarters manoeuvring and Nigel Irens demonstrates his preferred way of coming alongside.

Episode Three: Anchoring and picking up a mooring

In part three of the sailing techniques series, Nigel Irens gives his advice for handling a vessel with increased windage and top tips for getting the anchor where it’s needed.

Episode four: Upwind

In the fourth edition, Nigel Irens shows how to get the best performance from a catamaran upwind, and explains velocity made good (VMG) in different conditions and sea states.

Episode five: Downwind

Episode 5 of the catamaran sailing series is out now!  This instalment covers tactics to get the best downwind performance from your vessel, and how to perfect a speedy and safe gybe.  This popular series is presented by multi-hull designer, Nigel Irens, and brought to you by Pantaenius and Yachting World.

Episode six: Heavy Weather

In this episode, we look at what to do when faced with heavy weather and how to stay safe.