Surprise party for Pantaenius owner Harald Baum

April 25, 2013

22 April, Hamburg, Germany: On Monday morning at 11:30, around 350 business partners, clients and employees gathered in the Chilehaus building to congratulate Harald Baum on 50 years of service at Pantaenius, with Harald blissfully unaware. His family had organised a surprise party for the 72 year old that remained a secret right up until the end.

Der At 12:00, the head of Pantaenius arrived at the old company headquarters in the Chilehaus building with his daughter who was acting as a decoy. Anna Baum had brought her father to the room where the party was being held under false pretences. "He was rather surprised," she later said. "But I didn't let anything slip. I was determined not to spoil the surprise."

In the meantime, Harald's wife Undine and their two sons Daniel and Martin had arrived well in advance to welcome the many illustrious guests and to prepare them all for Harald's arrival. Very soon it was time to announce the arrival of the most important guest of all, by walkie-talkie. For a few minutes all the guests watched the door excitedly and as quiet as mice until a flabbergasted Harald walked in. The surprise was a success. Harald was speechless and deeply moved.

Once he had composed himself, there was a concert by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and Menso Heyl, the former editor-in-chief of the Hamburger Abendblatt and current editor of Yacht magazine, gave a speech. Then it was time for all the guests to congratulate Harald and enjoy the party.

Article "Celebrating 50 years of Harald Baum & Pantaenius"


Surprise party for Pantaenius owner Harald Baum


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