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Third Party Liability Insurance

The Pantaenius Yacht Third Party Liability Insurance provides cover for damages the owner, skipper, guests or crew have caused against a third party in conjunction with the use of the vessel.

This insurance particularly includes: legal liability arising out of the ownership or use of tenders, water sport and diving equipment used in connection with the vessel.

Owners Liability to paid crew

Many countries require a special insurance for owners who employ a paid crew on their vessel. With Pantaenius, you are insured against liability claims resulting from your status as an employer.

Protection and Indemnity

This insurance covers maritime liabilities incurred by the owner in direct connection with the operation of the yacht. Such maritime liabilities can be personal injuries or the death of guests and other persons, liabilities towards the paid crew, collisions, damage to fixed and floating objects or property and pecuniary damages.  

Oil Pollution and Wreck Removal

We are happy to assist our customers who operate yachts greater than 300 gross tons with all certificates of insurance or financial security as required by the U.S. Coast Guard under the U.S. Oil Pollution Act or the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks..